United Arab Emirates football player Thiyab Awana has become an internet sensation for scoring with a cheeky backheel penalty in a 7-2 victory against Lebanon.

But the winger also faced criticism for the 'disrespectful' goal and got a tongue-lashing from his own coach.

UAE were already up 6-2 when Awana performed his audacious penalty, but coach Srecko Katanec, who had only brought him on three minutes before, hauled him off the field.

"This penalty, I didn't like it. We must respect players from other teams. In future you don't know what football will give you back," Katanec said .

"He's a young guy and he knew he made a mistake immediately. I just want him to show respect, not just on the field but off it as well."

A Lebanese team official saw red after a furious reaction to the penalty, but Lebanon coach Emile Rustom tried to defuse the incident afterwards.

"I didn't feel it was an insult and this is my attitude," Rustom said.

"This is a personal decision the player made and it has nothing to do with the way the UAE plays its football."

However, thousands of hits have been registered on videos of the goal on YouTube and there has been widespread condemnation of the yellow card Awana received form the referee for his penalty.


Watch the penalty below: