The study, commissioned by OzForex, also revealed that Aussies love to head to the States for Christmas. Hardly surprising; Home Alone 2: Lost in New York had a profound impact on us, too.

OzForex looked at the currencies being loaded onto their travel cards in November 2013 and June 2014, and found that June is the biggest month for European travel, with Italy and France among their top 10 travel destinations. 14% of travel cards were loaded with sterling, which puts us at third place – just behind Europe and the States.

Even in winter, Aussies still love the UK. 12% of OzForex’s travel cards were loaded with sterling in November last year, but we were a less popular destination than the US, Europe and other parts of Oz.

We’re delighted that Aussies still want to come and stay in chilly old Blighty – we love having you guys here.

Image credit: Thinkstock