Gang members have stashed away guns ready for more looting and rioting after the unrest in English cities last month.

Thanks to a Sky News investigation, Metropolitan Police detectives seized a stash of five guns in Brockley, south east London.

Sources said they were concealed in a bin store by gangs who were expecting further violent clashes.

A source texted Sky News at around 5pm on  September 2 because they didn’t want to deal with the police directly.

It said: "Guns in yellow and orange jd bag at st peters court wickham road brockley london se4, open the bin area at entrance, on left hand side, this is a black metal door, you will find in bin the guns within the bag, describe, the bin area has st peters court written above in big writing on sign, remember left hand side bin, st peters court are a small block of flats."

Sky News insist they do not know who sent the text, but they contacted police immediately after receiving it.

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Within an hour and a half police had filled the area. Moments later they found the orange and yellow bag, which contained two flare guns, two old pistols and a revolver.

Detective Chief Inspector Theresa Breen told Sky News: "This is a hugely successful operation not just for the Metropolitan Police but for the community at large.

"A member of the community has felt confident enough to use Sky News to come to us with information that there were weapons somewhere within this area.

"I think that shows the community still has confidence in the police."

She added: "We will identify whether those weapons have been used in any crimes. If they have we will use that information to go out and identify those offenders, arrest those offenders and put them before the courts."

There have been no arrests in connection with the weapons yet.