England’s heatwave ended today as torrential rain covered large parts of the UK, causing flash flooding in some areas.

After several days of hot, humid weather, temperatures plummeted.

In Yorkshire, people were evacuated from their homes as flash floods hit and firefighters were called in to help pump water from the buildings.

Only yesterday much of southern England was basking in hot sunshine, with the mercury hitting 30c in some areas. However, further north, severe weather warnings were already being issued as heavy rain began.

The August heatwave appears to be all but over and you can expect rain, thunder and cool temperatures for the rest of the day.

Over the weekend, the torrential rain will head north, leaving London and the southeast with patchy rain and showers.

“The hot and humid weather we’ve had over the last couple of days is on its way out,” said Met Office Forecaster Dan Williams.

“It will give way to cooler wetter conditions particularly on Thursday and more thundery showers and rain all over the South of England.

“It will be a good day on Friday, dry with some sunny spells, but there is cloud coming in from the Atlantic and temperatures will return to normal around 68-70F (20-21C) with more risk of showers in the South West at the weekend.”

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