University days are, for many, riotous times when the newly released youths, free from the paternal nest for the first time, branch out on their own while attempting to learn a thing or two at the odd lecture they manage to attend. For Derby Uni student Danielle Morgan, 18, one thing she has definitely learned now is how not to get your head stuck in a clothes horse. 

While “mucking around” in a flatmate’s room, Danielle fell off the bed, the clothes horse in question falling down over her head.  In a cruel twist of schadenfraude, as she tried to free herself by removing a duvet that had been drying, the narrow rungs of the clothes horse tightened around her neck. 

Friends and halls of residence staff tried to free her but after an hour of attempts that yielded little success the fire brigade were called. 

Four firefighters used boltcutters to free the trapped teen who said: “My friends thought it was hilarious. I phoned one of my friends from home when I was stuck in it and she just thought I was drunk.

“When we called the fire service I think they were quite amused. They said they had seen a lot of things before but never this.”

To add insult to  injury, the whole escapade was captured for posterity on camera phone.