The practice of taking naked wedding photos has been growing in popularity in China, but now a Chinese trade association for wedding photographers is calling for a ban on the nude photos.

The practice disrespects the institution of marriage, says the Shanghai Wedding Trade Association. The group warns that they will press the government to ban any studio that takes naked portraits, the Shanghai Daily reported today.

Chinese wedding portraits are typically taken months before the wedding in Western and traditional Chinese dress. 

Now many studios give couples the option to pose nude or to cover themselves with a strategically placed objects or each other’s bodies. The practice is an open secret among many local studios, the Shanghai Daily reported.

Some samples of the naked wedding photos have been posted online, spurring privacy and pornography debates.

“We don’t advocate such wedding photographs as they are out of keeping with the conservative traditions of Chinese people,” the association’s vice president He Lina was quoted as saying.

“Weddings should be holy ceremonies, so we hope young people can show respect.”