Bolling is both a financial analyst and co-host on Fox’s The Five current affairs program. During a debate about Syria he turned to the camera stating “I have to do this” and held up a hand smeared with what was apparently blood. He sent a warning to the American viewers saying that ‘we should be very careful before we shed any more blood – ours or theirs”. 

Bolling had initially been criticising President Barack Obama for involving the USA in the Syria crisis by “drawing a red line” regarding the use of chemical weapons. He went on to say “there is no reason to shed blood – ours or theirs – for a civil war between two radical Muslim groups who frankly hate us.” He concluded the statement, his bloody hand still in the air, by claiming that it was America’s war and that they should stay out of the Middle East.

The other panel members seemed either taken aback or amused by the protest with one asking him: “Where did you get that stuff from?”, which elicited a gruff “It’s ketchup” from Bolling.

Despite the apparently earnest protest half of The Five seemed to make light of it whilst the other half attended to the profounder questions. “Can somebody bring Eric some napkins so he can get this stuff off his hands?” quipped Bob Beckel. 

Public reactions have also been varied. Some Twitter users were impressed while others weren’t –  and decided to make their feelings known either through disgust or mockery.

Image via YouTube