This law which went into effect in the town over the New Year is aimed at targeting pollution from the dumping of plastic bottles in waterways and streams.

The ban is intended to encourage the use of tap water and as a result does not stretch to any other liquid that may be found in a plastic bottle such as Coke or Pepsi.

Indeed it says in writing that the law only, “applies to non-sparkling, unflavored drinking water.”

Jean Hill, an 84-year old activist devised the ban as a way of combating the rising number of plastic bottles being dumped in landfills.

He also argues that the consumer is being conned into buying expensive bottled water when it could be attained from their sink at a fraction of the price and with less damage to the environment.

“The bottled water companies are draining our aquifers and selling it back to us. I’m going to work until I drop on this,” Hill told The New York Times.

Any first time offenders seen selling a plastic bottle of water will be warned, for every offence after that an incremental $25 ban will be applied.

So local governments in the United States cannot ban the sales of firearms to the criminally insane but they can make drinking a plastic bottle of water illegal… Incredible!

Image: Getty