It didn’t work for the Simpsons or Sydney but a $1 billion monorail linking the city to Melbourne Airport could be just years away after Victorian Premier Denis Napthine said he would consider plans for the ambitious project.

The monorail would be built high above the Tullamarine Freeway and connect the airport to either Southern Cross of Flinders Street station.

Dr Napthine said the State Government had received a six-page proposal for the monorail and the “door is open to ideas.”

“We’ve received a very brief outline of their proposal and we’ll have further discussions with the proponents of the monorail,” he told reporters. “We are always open to ideas as a government but they need to be properly evaluated and properly considered.”

Social media is abuzz with references to a popular episode of the Simpsons in which Lyle Lanely cons the town of Springfield into building a monorail, which failed on its first run, causing a near disaster.

Locals in Victoria are split on the plans.

Twitter user @StevieHewla wrote: “This Tulla Monorail? Seriously, start it right now, like, someone go get a shovel and start digging some holes. This needs to happen ok.”

Others like @eatatjoe2 aren’t so keen: “You can tell @Vic_Premier has totally lost it. Yes folks, he wishes to follow Springfield & give Melbourne a Monorail”.

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