The Bytox Hangover Prevention Patch basically delivers a dose of vitamin B complex in the same way a nicotine patch delivers the contents craved in a cigarette – but instead of replacing the offending substance, it complements it.

The UK release of the patch, invented by US plastic surgeon Dr Leonard Grossman, comes just in time for the silly season.

The product has no official medical backing, but its website says the formula simply puts back what we lose in the process of alcohol consumption, “thus restoring the body’s natural balance”.

Users are told to stick it on 45 minutes before drinking and leave it on for eight hours after their session wraps up.

The distributor Firefox’s product manager Ben Redhead said: “Look, we’d never usually encourage excess partying but the Firebox team, armed with the Bytox Hangover Prevention Patch, are definitely intending to take it up a level this Christmas.”

Not an impartial appraisal, but one nonetheless.

You can get five patches for £12.99 from

Image via Firebox