Dealing with loneliness as a solo traveler isn’t so bad when you know what tools you have available to you. In this short guide, we’ll cover some simple ways to combat that feeling of loneliness and connect with other people while you’re exploring the world.

Start a Blog

There are lots of travel blogs out there, and you don’t have to name your blog im so lonely in order to combat those feelings of isolation. Many travelers turn to blogging to not only create a supportive community of followers but to also share the fun and sense of adventure with those that can’t travel.

Your travel blog doesn’t have to be anything too fancy or over-the-top. A simple WordPress or Wix site will do the job, and you can update your site from anywhere with an internet connection. Photos, videos, and articles on where you went, what you saw, and who you met will attract plenty of followers!

Not only will you have a fan base to combat your loneliness while traveling, but you’ll also have a documented journey that you can look back on later with fondness. You might even inspire someone else to pick up the solo traveler lifestyle or attract a travel partner or group to go with you.

Meet New People and Connect

Meeting new people is half the fun of traveling. People from different cultures and backgrounds can enrich the travel experience with stories, traditions, exotic foods, and more. If you’re traveling alone, make a point to go where the people are. Get to know the locals, learn their traditions, eat their food, anything you can do to bond with the location you’re visiting.

Not only will you combat the feelings of isolation this way, but you’ll also enrich your mind with new experiences and broaden your sense of community by connecting with new people. The US itself is home to thousands of ethnic groups, cultures, and traditions.

Remember to practice safety while you’re traveling alone. No matter where you go, someone should always know where you’re at and where you’re headed. Unfortunately, there are people that prey on solo travelers and tourists. Be careful, and use good judgment when interacting with new people.

Stay In Touch With Friends And Family

You might be far from home, but with today’s technology, home can accompany you on all of your journeys. With video chatting apps, social media, and more at your fingertips, you’ll have no problem stay connected to the people you love the most; even when you’re out of the country or the state.

Let your family know where you’re going, and be sure to make time for a video chat during your travelers. They probably want to hear all about the things you saw and people you met during your adventures! And, of course, they’ll want to know you’re safe and sound.

If you’re planning on extended travel plans, maybe writing letters or sending postcards can be your preferred method of communication. Either way, don’t leave the people that care about you most in the dark!

Get Support From Online Chat Rooms/Communities

The great thing about the internet is that it’s connected millions of like-minded people in an easily-accessible platform. Even if you decide against starting a blog, you can still join one of the thousands of travel communities, pages, and groups on the web. Social media sites like Facebook are great for this sort of thing. You can search for specific groups and join them with the click of a button!

Chat rooms are also a great way to meet new people and vent when you’re feeling lonely. Most mental health chat rooms operate anonymously, so you can connect with people who are feeling the same way without sacrificing any personal information.

If you do join a group, be sure you’re not just an onlooker. Interact with posts, upload your own content, and talk with the people in the group. You’ll gain a sense of community and maybe even make some new friends along the way.

Final Thoughts

Solo traveling can be a lonely road, but with the wonderful tool that is the internet, you can easily connect with your family, friends, and even new like-minded people in chat rooms and travel groups. Stay safe, use good judgment, and most of all, enjoy your travel experience. There might come a day when you’re unable to travel any longer, so enjoy it now!