She showed a CBS reporter round the house, which has 10 bedrooms, a helicopter pad, tennis court, a media centre and two swimming pools – one outdoor and one indoor.

Adele describes the house, set in 25 acres of private land, as a “bit of a cliché”.

The home, which she shares with boyfriend Simon Konecki, also has a pavilion and a guest cottage in its grounds.

She adds that much of the house is empty, without furniture.

The Rolling in the Deep singer also spoke about setting traps for her staff who have leaked personal information to the papers.

She said she would tell different people she worked with different made up stories so she knew who had gone to the press.

She told the interviewer how she moved out of her mum’s house to Notting Hill.

“My life fell apart. My phone got cut off, my credit card got cut off, the house was a mess. It was awful,” the singer said.

“I couldn’t function without my mum so I moved back in with her. I’d rather be defeated than one day come in and the rats would be eating me. It was basically a bedsit with walls.”

Earlier this week, the singer picked up six Grammy Awards.

Check out Adele’s mansion in this video: