The little girl in this video is learning about the honourable sport of basketball from her father, a passionate fan of the Boston Celtics.

When basket is scored against his team, the irate father bemoans the lack of a ‘travel’ call from the ref, consistently calling the word ‘travel’, as if that we’l change the ref’s mind (hell, we’ve all done it).

His daughter, feeding off her father’s enthusiasm, repeats everything he says including the words ‘ fucking travel’, uttering what is believed to be her first swearword. Look, she’s gonna swear in her lifetime, you might as way start her early.

And it is pretty cute.

YouTubers agreed, even voting one comment about children not swearing as being too negative to be shown.

GoldinBoi15 wrote: “This is a great video, who cares she swore, get over it, if thats all you got out of this video than theres something clearly wrong with you.”

ImaDoggyDogg wrote: “True ass basketball fan right there.”

And Japanstran posted: “That is the cutest and funniest thing i’ve ever seen!!!!!”

What do you reckon? Is a small child swearing cute or offensive? Let us know below.

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