When Northern Knights’ Brad Wilson knocked a ball seemingly into oblivion during last Friday’s match, Small leapt backwards into the air to snatch the ball and throw it to a teammate.

Teammate Michael Mason then caught the ball and, after much discussion, umpires gave Wilson out.

Wilson said: “To the naked eye it looked out from where I was standing but it’s always worth hanging around.

“My gut feeling was that I’d got enough bat on it to carry the boundary rope but it was a special bit of fielding there in the end. Another day I might have got a six.”

The Central Stags still lost the game – by eight wickets – but everyone was talking about Small’s sensational catch, making the teenage substitute fielder a minor celebrity.

The 19-year-old has started only two first-class matches, the most recent in March.

Nearly half a million people have viewed the clip since it was posted on YouTube, and some have said it was one of the best catches ever.