Albanese, who was announced as Kevin Rudd’s deputy last week, is causing a stir online again after a brutal takedown of the Liberal Party’s broadband policy was posted on YouTube.

Fielding what sounded suspiciously like a planted question from NSW MP John Murphy, Albo launched into a scathing attack on the Liberal Party’s communication party.

He highlights the places where fibre optic broadband is being turned on before laying into the opposition’s policy.

“The minister of fraudband and copper economy is not alone in arguing the merits of copper in this chamber,” says Albanese.

“Indeed, a member, Mr Thomas Brown, is recorded as arguing in the old chamber, the old place, ‘copper is used for greater efficiency,’

“You can look it up in Hansard, 23rd of November, 1910,” says Albanese to laughter from both sides of the house.

“103 years ago this bloke would have been a visionary,” adds Albanese pointing at the shadow minister opposite.

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