Unfortunately for this hapless wannabe gangster in Rotterdam, Netherlands the drinkers at The ‘t Haalve Maatje pub didn’t take kindly to having their beer session interrupted.

One pubgoer even presumed the man was joking, and thought tapping him on the shoulder to get his attention then walked back to the bar would be a fun joke – possibly not realising that he could have been shot for his cheekiness.

Once the robber had tried to get into the cash register and pinch the landlord’s packet of cigarettes then assembled boozers realised that it may not be a ‘You’ve Been Framed’ moment – and promptly removed him from the pub.

Interviewed after the event the landlord, who was either extremely brave or possibly loaded up with Dutch courage said “I walk towards him, he points his gun at me and all I really thought was ‘beat it, get out of my pub’”

They then proceeded to chase him out of the building and down the road, catching up with him 2 km down the road with the help of one of the pub’s regulars, a marathon runner who said “Yeah, that kind of sucked for him, cause I can run longer than him”. The hapless robber was then handed over to the police.

Check out the amazing video from Dutch TV below (with subtitles)