Super Best Friends convinced the who’s who of Australian politics to dance and lip-sync to their new track, Round and Round, in a clip which has already had over 250,000 views on the video sharing site.

Everyone gets a look in. Prime Minister Kevin Rudd breaks out the ‘Dad’ moves from behind his desk, Tony Abbot rather unenthusiastically spins the wheels of a bike and Senator Nick Xenophon rocks out with an electric guitar.

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Scenes of Bob Katter attempting to spin a lasso and Labour MP Ed Husic spinning a basketball are intercut with the everyday barrage of press conferences and campaigning.

Mr Husic told The Standard: “The best one would have to be Rob Oakeshott ironing his undies.”

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Husic said he played basketball with the camera man and they went to all the MPs to use stuff they were interested in to show a little personality.

Husic said he was picked because he “doesn’t mind mucking around on camera.”

The video, which was released on Monday, sheds a new, if awkward in some cases, light on the politicians and is likely to go viral.

The hitherto unheralded band’s previous videos have only ever reached a high of 7,000 views.

The band have posted the video to their website with the caption: “This is the best thing you’ll see from the pollies this election campaign.”

Kevin Rudd tweeted a link to the video and said: ‘Good thing this election isn’t determined on our ability to dance.’

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