Anthony Smith of New Hampshire in the U.S. suffers from deafness in his right ear and limited hearing in the left. One day he refused to wear his device, and so his mother decided to get in touch with Marvel.

She asked if there were any superheroes that needed help with their hearing, and the comics giant responded with a special present to the family – a comic featuring a new hero by the name of The Blue Ear, the nickname young Anthony and his mother call his hearing aid.

The cover of the comic book shows The Blue Ear standing on a city rooftop saying ‘Thanks to my listening device I can hear someone in trouble!’

Marvel also sent a drawing of Hawkeye, the existing superhero who wears hearing aids to help his limited hearing, accompanied by the new pint-sized hero The Blue Ear.

Watch the heart-warming video from Fox 25 News below.

Main image: Fox News / Marvel Comics