Critics of the show Apocalypse, which aired on October 26, have claimed that the lead man in the show, named Steve Brosnan, is an actor.

“If the world ended tomorrow, would you be happy with your life,” Derren says at the start of the two-part show. “I’m going to give one unsuspecting person another chance at life, by creating the end of the world.”

Suspicions arose after it was found that Brosnan’s Twitter page is was linked to a database of actors who are professionally casted for parts; however the database boss says that Brosnan’s profile was never set live on the site.

Derren Brown has hit back at sceptics, by filming a YouTube video with Brosnan. Brown commented: “Despite conspiracy theories and rumours online, Steven is not a stooge, or an actor, or in any way just playing along. Same goes for his family and friends that you see in the programme. They’d all have to be actors too.

“And all his REAL family – and anyone that knows him – taken away and quietly killed. My shows always provoke a flurry of people insisting it’s all fake, and I’ve come to expect that – exhausting and hurtful though it can be after months and months of love and sweating blood to make such massively ambitious and heart-felt programmes

“I have never, ever used stooges or actors in that way. It’s artistically repugnant, lazy and just unnecessary. And impossible to pull off, as anyone that knows him would of course be able to say so.”

The Mail Online believe they found someone who would claim otherwise: They say an auditonee for a previous Derren Brown show told them “I auditioned for Derren Brown and they tell you everything they are going to do to you in the show beforehand.”

The second part of Apocalypse shows this week on Wednesday 31 at 10 on 4seven.

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