Dogs bark along to an easy listening karaoke track of the pop group’s One Thing hit single – yup, it’s come to this.

Following up the ‘cover’ version of Adele’s Rolling in the Deep the pups are sure to hit the big time with this one.

The video is a puppy love story set on a sunny day in the park to the soundtrack of the sweetest barking auto-tuned vocals you’ve ever heard. Harry Styles and co had better watch out.

The Pet Collective, who are behind the cutesy display of puppy silliness are on a mission “to celebrate our furry friends and the enriching effect that pets have on our lives through informative and adorable content.”

Even more amusing is the behind the scenes video showing the futility of coaxing dogs into pretending to be pop stars. Behold ‘Pup Direction – Behind the Barks’