A guide dog-in-training may have been responsible for saving the lives of two people after alerting them to an out-of-control car on the sidewalk in California on Monday.

Two employees were out for a leisurely afternoon stroll with a Labrador from Guide Dogs for the Blind named O’Neil, when a car driven by a 93-year-old came barrelling down backwards towards the pair.

Todd Jurek, a training supervisor for Guide Dogs for the Blind, was spotting handler Danielle Alvarado, who was blindfolded, and assessing O’Neil’s guide dog  when the dog alerted them to the car.

In the video, you can see O’Neil turn around once he hears the car and alerting the pair by tugging at his lead and pulling Alvarez. Jurek also notices the car and pushes still-blindfolded Alvarez around the corner, leading her out of harm’s way.

In the security camera video, Jurek, O’Neil and Alvarez get out of the way mere seconds before the car comes rushing towards them, smashing a window on its way before coming to rest on the opposite corner of the street.

San Rafael, California police Sgt. Raul Aguilar said that the woman driving the car  is not suspected of intoxication. Theories are revolving around the idea that she accidentally put her car in reverse instead of forward.

Remarkably, no one was injured.

Image via YouTube