If you’re preconceptions about hillbillies have been shaped by Deliverance, then think again, as this lovely vid shows a dungarees-wearing and impressively bearded hillbilly named Mark Brown dancing on his porch with none other than a racoon.

More than that, his four legged friend seems to be enjoying shaking his ass to Aretha just as much.

The racoon has been a regular visitor to Brown’s porch and the two have clearly struck up quite a rapport. Racoons though can be quite grabby’, as Brown has experienced, with the little critter repeatedly pawing and biting him.

He has though found a way to combat this and save his skin – the racoon is not a fan of the Hannah Montana body spray his girlfriend has and so Brown sprays this on himself to keep his racoon friend from drawing blood too much!

And yes, this is all very odd. 

Photo via YouTube.