It’s easy to make a flaming pumpkin, this instructional video shows you how in less than two minutes.

Firstly, get a pumpkin and draw a ghouly face on it, then remove all the soft stuff by hollowing out the centre. Then cut out the face design on the side of the pumpkin.

Next stick a toilet roll soaked in kerosene inside the fruit (you can also use paraffin). Put about a 1/3 of a litre on the loo roll. Word or warning: don’t do this inside your house, as the smell will linger.

Then get a long match and light it up. Then hey presto! You’ve got yourself one flaming awesome pumpkin, it should stay alight for at least an hour. When positioning it, make sure the flame won’t catch on anything flammable and is sheltered from the wind.

Pour water on the pumpkin to put it out.

Picture: YouTube