Another soldier is facing further disciplinary action over extremely offensive online comments that included, ”Give me a M4 and send me to Sydney and I’ll do the dishes.”

He also posted:”Mate, what I would given to drop the legs on a MAG 58 (machine gun), slap on a 500 round belt, adopt a stable firing position in the middle of the street and lay waste to every single one of those cancerous f—s.” reports

”Cronulla round two,” another soldier wrote.

The comments came just days after Muslims rioted in Sydney to protest against a US-made film that denigrated the prophet Mohammed.

Army chief Lieutenant General David Morrison promised that strong action against the offenders from the Townsville based 3rd Brigade would be taken

”If it is found that there have been a soldier or soldiers involved, then I will take action as I can within the laws of the land and those that guide us in the Defence Force,” he said.

He added: ”Targeting of any person on the basis of their gender, religion, ethnicity or sexual orientation is repugnant and contrary to Defence’s values as well as those held by the wider community. The overwhelming majority of Defence personnel are professional and hard-working people who act in accordance with the values and standards.”

However only two of the soldiers received a formal reprimand under the Defence Force Discipline Act, 13 others were ”counselled” and the final one is yet to be reprimanded.


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