Zeheer Ramzan, 32, driving a Mr Yummy van didn’t take kindly to the driver of a Mr Whippy Van, 41 year old Mohammed Mulla.

So Ramzan made a cold as ice move, smashing his window with a car jack and attacking him. Whilst trying to escape from the angry ice cream vendor, Mulla rammed his rival’s van.

Ramzan has since been charged with assault, possession of an offensive weapon and criminal damage.

Eyewitness and the man who filmed the incident on his mobile phone, Mohammed Mobeen Yaseem told The Daily Mail “I heard shouting and I saw the driver of the front vehicle come out. He seemed very threatening and approached Mr Whippy. He had a tyre iron – that’s when I pulled the phone out and started recording.”

“I saw a metal bar, there was something going on before I got to the window…He was obviously angry, I couldn’t hear what the commotion was about but there was a lot of swearing going on.”

The pair of ice cream sellers had been in an ongoing price and territory battle leading up to the incident.