A hidden television camera caught an Italian doctor undressing, kissing and touching a woman as she lay on his treatment table.

The attack persisted despite the woman pushing him away with her hands.

According to the news website, Hyperlocal, the man can be heard whispering “I kiss with the right mouth…stay still…I won’t make you pregnant this way.”

He only stopped when a television crew from programme Striscia la Notizia, who had set up the cameras, burst through the door to confront him.

In response the grey-haired doctor launched at reporter Jimmy Ghione, punching the journalist and wrestling with members of the crew. The doctor begins to whip the cameraman with cables torn from the recorder as he violently vents his anger being caught on tape.

The patient was believed to be an undercover member of the team from the popular Striscia la Notizia show.

It is unclear what has happened to the doctor as a result of the undercover investigation.

Video from YouTube 

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