When many of us are considering trying something new, we look for genuine testimonials from others who have tried it and give it two thumbs up.

But Andrew Johnson’s testimonial is for much more than an anti-ageing face cream. The Parkinson’s sufferer from New Zealand has had Deep Brain Stimulation surgery, in which two probes were ‘dropped’ into his brain and hooked up to a pace maker in his chest.

The wire, which travels between the two via his neck, sends electricity to his brain, helping to control his tremors. The brave 39-year-old, who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s four years ago, has hailed the surgery as “life changing” and wanted to recommend it to other Parkinson’s sufferers.

He did this by filming himself before and after switching his neuro-stimulator off to show the astounding difference it makes to his tremors. See the following video to witness the change…