The advert, for Spanish insurance company, Groupama, shows Reina arriving at an African tribe who are depicted as “stupid, backward, animalistic homosexuals,” according to Operation Black Vote, a UK racial equality group.

In the clip, Reina, whose name means Queen in English, is selected by the tribe’s “chief” who chooses him as his partner.

In a statement, Operation Black Vote’s director Simon Woolley said: “I’m shocked on so many levels. Firstly, how would the Spanish feel if the English stereotyped Spanish people as backward, stupid, and animalistic homosexuals?

“Secondly, what does this say about Pepe Reina? The Liverpool goalkeeper has lived and worked in the UK for nearly a decade, does he think it’s ok characterise Black people this way? Does he think his black team mates will laugh at his joke?”

The incident comes at an unfortunate time for Liverpool who were criticised for their handling of the Luis Suarez race row.

Image via YouTube