The Trotify, which takes the horse of Arthur, King of the Britain’s in Monty Python and the Holy Grail to a whole new, almost high-tech, level will cost £19.99 and attaches to the front brake mount on just about any bike.

The Trotify makers say it’s “The leading bike-horse hybridiser in the world!” and are aiming to attract 1000 orders of the all-wood product before Christmas.

They have so far reached 262 – if they don’t make their target orders in the next 20 days those who’ve paid will get a refund.

 “We’re just a tiny little studio and we don’t want to pony up to get a load of these made if nobody wants to buy them,” their website, says.

“The designs are complete and our supply chain is all set up, but we need to order at least 1,000 units to make Trotify a reality.

“They take about 8 weeks to make, so the first batch should ship in March 2013!”

See Trotify in action here.

And it’s predecessor.