Jenneke hit the big time around the world when a fan put her warm up routine into slow motion, earning her the unofficial title of hottest hurdler ever.

Pop culture website Cosby Sweaters has promised more from the star of internet, track and field including a “full interview so you can get to know her better, a couple of fun videos and, of course, one of the best photo galleries you will ever lay eyes on.”

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Jenneke explains her pre-race warm up, saying “I love the excitement of it…I get this feeling when I’m going to compete, I just get really happy and really energetic.”

Here she is in her latest teaser interview – plus a reminder of the original VERY popular video from her appearance at the World Junior Championships in Barcelona.

Michelle Jenneke – Cosby Sweaters from Oscar Zagal on Vimeo.

Images via Cosby Sweaters / Vimeo