The city’s mayor, Michael R Bloomberg, today announced that Kermit, Miss Piggy, Gonzo, Animal et al are all now New York’s tourism ambassadors. The puppets are being used in a bid to attract more families.

“Having Kermit as an ambassador will no doubt make other cities just ‘green’ with envy,” he said, no doubt making a mental note to fire his speechwriter.

YouTubers weren’t impressed with the approach.

“How much did this bullshit cost? What a sham 🙁 ” apnudi wrote.

And the sarcastic jimmyjumpnjive won’t be suckered by a bunch of Muppets, either.

“Let’s go to the Bronx in the summer! Yay!” he posted.

The FreeAdviceMan was moved to offer this piece of free advice:

“Mr. BoomBorg has no style! At least he could’ve played along (learned a bit about that). He looked quite uncomfortable being the number one puppet! And what a Pig-Lover too! Yukk! Not Kosher! YUKK!”

And TheRedList2012 had his own reasons for not beng seduced by Kermy and the gang:

“As long as NYC is anti-gun my family will not visit,” he wrote.

Bloomberg hopes the campaign would help the city reach a target of attracting 55 million visitors annually by 2015.

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