Three-time NASCAR Super Cup champion Darrell Waltrip got taken around the famed (in Oz anyway) Bathurst street circuit by Team BOC’s Jason Bright and apparently the driver put a helmet on and “turned into Superman”. 

“I can’t see where I’m going and he ain’t slowing down.”  “That is impossible.” “That just can’t be done.” “This is the toughest thing I’ve ever done.”

All things said by a bloke who was pretty damn good at the Ricky Bobby thing and a Hall of Famer.

“Not the corkscrew, the corkscrew is dumb, you can’t race on a track like this,” he said going into the Corkscrew section.

He’s also a fan of the Big Dipper and Hell Corner, in a way.

“I dunno how much grip they got but it’ll break your neck” – whatever that means, it’s hilarious.

Just watch. It’ll make your day.

If your friend doesn’t understand still, just tell them it’s “a geological oddity”.

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