An oft-encountered problem for TV news reporters is that by the time they’re on the scene the thing that was making news is over.

That’s what happened to Adrian Boioglu, the Romanian news reporter in this clip, who was dispatched to cover a sandstorm.

By the time he got there the winds had pretty much died down, and the sand was happily resting on the floor.

In a desperate attempt to create something for the viewers to look at other than a bloke standing by a beach, Boioglu dispatched a colleague to kick sand, to give people the impression of what the sandstorm might have looked like.

“My colleague Florin Boboc is now showing you how good is the wind blowing and how fast the sand is being pulled, uh… lifted off of the beach and sent over to the street near the ‘Mamaia’ resort.”

The reporter has become something of a viral star in his native Romania since the incident.

Update: Adrian, the reporter in question has been on to us (see comments) with his version of events. He’s claiming that the man kicking sad was in fact a bloke from a rival news organisation, who was doing so in order to disrupt their broadcast. The cheeky git. You can read his take on the whole affair here. If you can speak Romanian that is, or decipher whatever the crap Google translate reckons he’s saying.

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