Clegg got in hot water with protesters and members of his party when he went back on his promise never to increase uni tuition fees – doing a major u-turn and supporting his Tory coalition partners by supporting a huge increase in fees, costing students up to £9,000 a year.

His earnest apology, which was released yesterday in the run up to the Liberal Democrat’s annual conference, has been given a remix by satirical website The Poke, who tweeted “‘We’d love the @libdems to give us permission to release this as a single on iTunes. All profits to worthy education causes?” Clegg actually replied and agreed via twitter, giving permission but insisting that the proceeds go to Sheffield Children’s NHS Foundation Trust.

“It was an unwise commitment to have made and we regret that and that was the basis of the apology.” former Lib Dem deputy leader and coalition Business Secretary Vince Cable told Radio 4, referring to the tuition fees promise.

Does this soothing song make up for Clegg’s controversial decision? Probably not, but it’ll give you a good laugh.

Here’s the original ‘Say goodbye to broken promises’ video released by the Liberal Democrats

BBC Three’s political prank show The Revolution Will Be Televised recently pulled off a cheeky stunt outside the Liberal Democrat’s headquarters in London. 

And now, the hilariously subtitled version – is this really what Clegg means?