The glamorous 45-year-old star faced Keith ‘Cheggers’ Chegwin in the celebrity skate dancing challenge when her famously bountiful breasts slipped out of her dress revealing ‘tit tape’ which failed to hold in her bosom.

Anderson also stumbled and made mistakes during the routine, losing points.

%TNT Magazine% pamela anderson dancing on ice
Pammy misses her cue and stumbles on the slippery ice (pic via YouTube)

“I feel so bad for [dance partner] Matt. I stumbled, my boobs fell out. It’s common in my life.” she told host Phillip Schofield.

%TNT Magazine% pamela anderson dancing on ice boob

Pammy, who appeared in pantomime at London’s Wimbledon Theatre last year and enjoyed a few pints at the local Wetherspoons, missed out on a place in the final due to a combination of viewers votes and judges scores.