Morgan invited Alex Jones, the prolific conspiracy theorist and man behind the campaign to get the British news anchor deported from the US, on to his CNN show.

Predictably, Alex ‘Giant paedophile armies with nuclear weapons’ Jones, doesn’t take long to consummately discredit himself, yammering incessantly about apparently anything which pops into his head.

In the six minute interview Jones, almost impressively, manages to claim that prozac is plot to cause mass suicide and mass murder, blames the Bush administration for 9/11, says that gun control measures are designed to enact an American police station and calls Britain a police state.

Morgan sits impassively as Jones rants for several minutes, before asking Jones about the gun murder rate in the UK, which he concedes is lower, before highlighting the UK’s violent crime rate claiming: “You’ve got hoards of people burning down cities and beating old women’s brains out everyday.”

When the show comes back from an advert break Morgan, doing what any decent journalist in his place would do, tries to reframe the debate, to lay some ground rules, all to no avail as Jones begins ranting again.

Like all bad farces the interview eventually descends into absolute absurdity with Jones berating Morgan as a ‘red coat’ in what, in fairness, isn’t the worst faux English accent I’ve heard.

Check out the action below, and bear in mind Alex Jones’s massive popularity in the United States, his radio show is syndicated across over 100 local stations and has a regular audience of 3m listeners.