The fast moving 50 hectare fire is travelling in a north easterly direction and the CFA warned that homes and lives are at great risk, and to heed their warning. It’s believed that the blaze will have an immediate impact on anything it comes across.

Reports state that the sky has turned red and has already burnt down one house near Cheapstowe.

The Western Highway is now closed between Ballarat and Ararat.

Another bushfire is burning near the town of Goroke, and it’s fast moving.

High alert areas include Goroke, Gymbowen and Tooan, in the Wimmera region.

Meanwhile, this means that there are fewer fire-fighters around to tackle the blaze near Cooma in New South Wales.

There are currently 70 firefighters tackling the bushfire in the Kybean Valley.

Fred Nicholls, NSW Rural Fire Services fire mitigation officer, from told

“We are starting to run short on extras, we have had four days of this now,” said Nicholls. “Crews will be starting to get tired.”






Image: Getty