In fact, the only thing small about the cheesy Nineties Brit-pop is the number of them. The original band has lost four of its members, leaving a chunky Bradley McIntosh, Paul Cattermole and Jo O’Meara to perform their 2000 hit Reach on Australian TV under the revised name S Club.

McIntosh and Cattermole were particularly eye-catching –but only because they’re carrying substantially more timber on their bones than they used to.

Still, it didn’t spoil the performance because it was all bad to start with.

The trio sang out of synch and, during the choruses, sounded like a poor karaoke act.

They were performing on The Morning Show, which was being guest-presented by Dannii Minogue.

Just because they are in Australia, it doesn’t mean Brit audiences are safe. A full S Club 7 reunion is on the cards, though it is still unclear whether absent members Rachel Stevens, Tina Barett, Hanna Spearritt and Jon Lee will rejoin the outfit.

O’Meara is keen.

“Who knows? We’re just enjoying it at the minute and maybe once everyone’s finished doing what they’re doing.

“Never say never.”






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