The clip shows a striking host in a skin-tight, low-cut dress with heavy make-up kissing him on both cheeks as he is outfitted with his microphone.

The host begins the interview by asking Dacic a series of political questions. Just as he starts to give a serious answer, she crosses and uncrosses her legs to make her own affairs quite public.

The word “censored” almost covers her and the camera flips to Dacic, who is shown giving a shocked smirk.

Luckily for Dacic, it was all a prank. He thought he was in the studio to talk about Balkan politics, but was unknowingly tricked for an online Serbian prank show called Nemoguca Misija (Mission Impossible).

The clip has almost 1 million views on YouTube, proving that people really do get interested in politics when it’s stripped down. 

Image via Getty