Contrary to many people’s view, Fairtrade products range from premium labels to supermarket own brands.

The aim of the two weeks is to get people to think about the way they can incorporate Fairtrade purchases into their routine, and encourage others to do it to.

Fairtrade isn’t one of those developing world grey issues, there’s no debate, paying fair prices for products is simply the right thing to do, and it changes the lives of third world producers.

For example in Malawi, a sugar farmer only earns an extra $60 for every tonne of sugar they sell on Fairtrade terms, and yet that money has enabled them to bring clean water and electricity to their homes.

To promote the week, a bunch of ‘slebs have appeared in a clip doing the Fairtrade step, i.e the step you’re going to take to incorporate more Fairtrade stuff into your life… get it?

Yeah, we know, it’s a tad tenuous, but there is a man in the video with a fantastic afro, and loads of people you’ll recognise – but won’t be able to name – from various series of Come Dancing, plus, it’s a genuinely good cause.