The 24-year-old is hunting for a manager in Los Angeles while filming the Network Ten reality series Being Lara Bingle, which premieres on Tuesday, June 12.

Bingle’s dream is to get modelling and television work in the US and to eventually split her time between there and Australia, she said.

“I plan to move to LA,” Bingle said from Los Angeles. “I spend a lot of time here and have a lot going on here so I am visiting some managers. I love this place.”

Bingle has spent about a week in the US, visiting agents and doing a photo shoot. Behind her every step is the crew filming Being Lara Bingle, following her quest for a US-based manager in addition to monitoring her forthcoming trip to India where she is attending functions.

“I was at Manhattan Beach today for a shoot and there are definitely similarities between Sydney and here – and I could definitely make that transition,” she said.

Ten has committed to 10 half-hour episodes of Being Lara Bingle, which also features her brother Josh, mother Sharon and Australian manager and best friend Hermione Underwood.

The idea for the reality series, along the lines of the popular US series Keeping Up With The Kardashians, belongs to John McAvoy, managing director of Eyeworks Australia.

McAvoy first met Bingle when she was a teenager signed to the Nine Network.

At first Bingle said she flatly refused the idea because her life was unfolding like a TV soapie anyway and she was not in the right head space.

However after appearing on Dancing With The Stars and becoming accustomed to having TV cameras following her every move, plus having her personal life settle down, she embraced the reality show.

Ten’s decision to commission Being Lara Bingle could also be the make-or-break move for ‘brand Bingle’.

“I have never really understood the interest as well,” Bingle said. “Someone to ask you to do a TV show is quite bizarre.

“But at the end of the day I am a brand, this is a business and that’s the decision I made to do it.”