A video posted on YouTube shows the vehicle bouncing over the men as they partied among a crowd of revellers in the party town in the early hours of Monday.

The clip shows the car’s front and back tyres running over Joe Worsnop, 20, who was on holiday with a group of 15 friends.

Worsnop had to make an emergency flight home to Bradford, where was treated in hospital for infections to his wound, the Daily Mail reports.

His twin brother James spent two days in hospital abroad with a deep cut to his back.

Witness, Glyn Hirst said: “This car just came up and mowed people down. The driver got impatient. I felt sick, I couldn’t look at first but then I had to go and find my mates.

“The car ran about five people over then stopped for a few seconds. I saw a guy in front of it put his hands on the bonnet but the driver just kept going and went over him and the other guy was still under his tyres.”

Police have arrested a 37-year-old Spanish man in connection with the incident.



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