Staggeringly, the bike fucker has been caught on camera too, by a cyclist whose bike had been ‘interfered with’ one too many times.

Per Edstrom in Östersund, northern Sweden, installed a security camera at the front of his house in the hopes of catching the sneaky wank-bandit – and his crim-cam caught the man red handed.

A man wearing a hood rocked up at the front door, pulled a photo and began masturbating on to the bike. Edstrom, while understandably not amused, has a philosophical outlook about it all, though. 

“This man is probably harmless, bicycles are just his thing,” he told Swedish newspaper Kvällsposten, displaying a quite impressive amount of understanding.  

”I am not scared of him but mostly irritated over all the punctures I have had to fix.”

The video below shows some of that Estrom’s front door camera caught. 

WARNING – it contains images you really might not want to see.