There, we’ve said it: Napping is for ninnies (and just reiterated it for emphasis). It may seem like a strong opinion to have about such a banal activity, but we’re entitled to it (even just as an effected editorial hook for an article). So when we saw this new napping product, we were, as you can imagine, broadly disdainful.

The Ostrich Pillow, or as we’ve christened it, the Bank Robbing Alien Tumour Balaclava, is a portable impromptu sleeping solution for people who just can’t manage to stay awake for a full day, the sleepy gits.


Nappers the world over however appear to be impressed enough with the concept – its Kickstarter fund is up to £36,000. It’s got 22 days to go to reach its goal of $70,000 before it becomes a reality.

Are you a napping ninny? Check out the video and pledge at the Ostrich Pillow’s Kickstarter page.

Image via Kickstarter