Tarantino’s new movie, a western about slavery featuring Jamie Foxx as a slave who exacts revenge, has drawn criticism for both its depiction of slavery and for its portrayal of violence on screen, but when quizzed on these matters he lost his patience.

“Why do you like making violent movies? Guru-Murthy asked.
“It’s like asking Judd Apatow why he likes making comedies? It’s good cinema. It is cathartic violence.” Tarantino replied.

When Guru-Murthy pushed him fro his opinions on why non-violent people like violent movies, Tarantino, clearly irked at the line of questioning, said: “I refuse your question, I am not biting. I am not your slave and you are not my master, you can’t make me dance to your tune. I am not a monkey.”

As he becomes equally more tense and irate, he tells the news reporter: “This is a commercial for the movie, make no mistake… I am shutting your butt down.”

Photo: YouTube.