The home-made video – literally, it looks as if it was filmed in a bedsit! – features a man wearing a blue hood and a balaclava, who threatens Amir telling him the next time he comes to Birmingham they will ‘smash you up!’

The self-proclaimed thief goes on to say that the version of events of Amir and his brother Haroon fighting off a group of prospective car thieves is not true, and offers his version of events.

He holds up a pair of car keys he claims are Amir’s, as well as a Louis Vuitton wallet and a leather bag, which he claims were also stolen from the Bolton boxer.

“We punched the living daylights out of him…” the thug says, before going on to point to a TV behind him with footage of Khan in the ring. “Does that look like someone that could knock out six men? It looks like a fucking samba dance,” he says, commenting on Khan’s encounter this summer in Las Vegas with Philadelphia fighter Danny Garcia, in which he was knocked to the canvass.

Police are investigating the video. Khan has declined to comment.

Photo: YouTube.