The three-year-old boy was on his way to a Disney family vacation when he was stopped by airport security, who patted him down and swabbed him for explosive residue.

His angry father, who wasn’t allowed to come near him during the search, filmed the entire ordeal and posted it on his YouTube channel, but not without injecting some of his own opinions.

“Someone in a position of authority NEEDS to make the obvious decision this child is not a threat RIGHT? You are swabbing a 3 year olds hands for explosives? Seriously? SERIOUSLY?,” he wrote in a note on the film.

Another of his angry notes reads: “There’s another threat! A senior citizen with a cane! Crack work from the ACE TSA team at ORD. Meanwhile they haven’t swabbed the toddler ENOUGH. Check the wheelchair AGAIN guys! This kid looks fishy!!!”

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