Either Lieutenant Nguyen Manh Phan had a liking for risking his life for fairly meagre reasons, was very commited to his job, or clinically insane when he clinged onto a moving bus to give the driver a ticket.

He ordered Phung Hong Phuong to pull over the 39-seat passenger coach for driving on the wrong side of the road in Hanoi, Vietnam, on Monday. 

After the 37-year-old bus driver refused to produce his papers and leaped back onto the bus, Phan grabbed the windscreen wipers in an attempt to stall him.

It made no difference and began resembling that of a poor quality Hollywood film as Phuong sped off with the warden precariously dangling from the front of the bus as oncoming traffic whizzed past.

The driver eventually pulled over and has been arrested. He could now be charged with not only acting against public officials but also catapulting our Lieutenant’s potential career in the action movie business.

 Video via youtube