The UFO footage, filmed from a moving vehicle, appears to show a huge flying ship hovering low near some warehouses on a grey cloudy day. Under the noise of wind the passengers of the car can be heard shouting “keep going, keep going, woo, oh man!” repeatedly along the way as they follow the path of the ship.

As they follow the path of the spherical craft they manage to zoom in as it disappears behind a building. The domed roof of the UFO can be seen – and the ship itself is not entirely unlike the Millennium Falcon from the Star Wars trilogy. Or is this a cunningly created viral to promote a new film – perhaps a sequel to South African sci-fi District 9?

The footage lasts just over 1 minute is entitled ‘UFO Scout Ship Lands In New Mexico?’

One keen-eyed YouTube viewer seems to have spotted what appears to be a white star on the exterior of the flying ship, and claims that this means it’s part of the US Airforce. Perhaps a top secret government project caught in action. Or perhaps just someone who’s particularly skilled at using home editing equipment.

Judge for yourself whether this is the real deal…as they say, the truth is out there….