If you’re old enough to remember those public safety ads (see below) with the terrifying images of a welly boot being crushed in the mechanism, you’ll know that escalators are to be feared and respected.

In the case of the Uzbec people in this video clip, sometimes it’s safer to just find the emergency stop button and put an end to all this new fangled technology. At least you know where you are with a stationary staircase.

In the candid camera-style security camera footage, several people find negotiating the sudden movement of the escalator a bit beyond them, clinging to the edges for dear life and falling backwards. Some take the brave step of getting on, then panic and regret the decision, and start to walk backwards, with calamitous results.

Watch the video below for some escalating hilarity.

And here’s the infamous and quite terrifying UK ad for escalator safety. It’s enough to put anyone off moving staircases for life.